Spec Fin Designs is a premier decorative painting company, gallery and studio located in northern New Jersey. Spec Fin has been serving Bergen county NJ, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida over 15 years.Specfin has a crew of experienced fauxpainters and muralists in Mahwah NJ.Our major focus is decorative painting, faux finishes, venetian plaster, glazing, strie, antiquing, murals, frescoes, stenciling, colorwash,marmorino plaster, sponging and trompe l'oeil. Spec Fin designs has a beautiful online portfolio of various faux finishes.Spec -Fin is located in Northern New Jersey, in Bergen county, Mahwah. We offer wall finishes, faux painting and murals for designers and customers in NYC and New Jersey. Spec Fin Designs offers decorative faux finishes to high end customers in New Jersey and New York City. Need a wall finisher in NewJersey? Looking for a muralist or faux finisher next to New York city? Call Spec_Fin for a free estimate.
Specfin designs is known for it's original beautiful decorative finishes,frescoes, murals, Italian plasters and textured finishes. Spec Fin standsfor Specialty finishes, which means hi-end wall finishes, murals, frescoes,stenciling and decorative plastering. Spec-fin design specializes in embossed stenciling and damask overall patterns. Please visit Spec FinDesigns website and online portfolio of beautiful decorative faux finishes.


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